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Leveraging Speech Search for Compliance and Business Intelligence

Aurix LogoAurix is a leader in speech technology solutions, enabling organizations to identify words and phrases contained within call recordings to more effectively address compliance, quality management and legal discovery demands.

The OAISYS Talkument and Tracer solutions leverage the Aurix phonetic audio search engine to provide fully-integrated speech search functionality. Call recordings related to a specific keyword or phrase can be easily located, even across extremely large volumes of audio data.

As more businesses face the growing need to comply with multiple regulatory compliance mandates, as well as service-level agreements and industry standards, the ability to search large quantities of audio content to support compliance and legal discovery demands has become increasingly valuable. Using the Aurix phonetic speech search engine, searches are conducted across OAISYS call recording databases to identify a select subset of interactions containing relevant and meaningful business intelligence.

Additional information about Aurix can be found here.