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At OAISYS, our willingness to listen, understand and react to the voice of our customers is tied directly to the level of satisfaction they experience with our solutions. We are focused on providing additional value to our existing customers and demonstrating to new customers the many exciting ways in which our products can improve their business operations.

OAISYS solutions offer a broad scope of capabilities that enable our customers to better manage their business communications and customer interactions.

Compliance Solutions


Easy search and review of audio data can support specific compliance and eDiscovery requirements that businesses throughout many industries may be faced with. Recordings of phone-based interactions can be used to prove compliance, or may be called upon as a source of evidence in the event of legal proceedings.

Quality Monitoring Solutions

Quality Monitoring

OAISYS delivers a complete suite of quality monitoring, evaluation and eLearning tools that can empower contact centers to identify improvement opportunities within their customer interactions and enable a superior customer experience.