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Solution Deployment Options

Deployment and Access Options to Support any Business Requirements

Every organization has its own specific business communication requirements and concerns. Critical factors such as security, compliance, redundancy and investment cost must be carefully considered. OAISYS call recording solutions can be deployed and accessed in many different ways to meet the unique needs of any business. Whether you're considering a cloud, on-premises or hybrid deployment approach, we can provide the best solution fit for your operations.



OAISYS AllWays is our pragmatic and all-inclusive approach to delivering a full spectrum of call recording solution deployment options, including on-premises, pure cloud and hybrid cloud, as well as support for user access to applications and data across a range of devices.

OAISYS On-Premises


On-premises solutions can present many benefits to businesses, such as greater control over internal systems and sensitive company data. Also, while the initial investment is higher in a premises-based solution deployment, it can pay off over time. OAISYS offers a complete portfolio of on-premises call recording solution options.

OAISYS Pure Cloud

Pure Cloud

A pure cloud model offers numerous advantages to companies, such as limiting the need for large capital expenditures, rapid scaling of capacity to meet changing business demands and broad accessibility via the network. OAISYS, in collaboration with our partners, can support pure cloud deployment of our applications.

OAISYS Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud approach enables the best of both worlds, delivering cloud-like flexibility, with the confidence of on-site hardware. The low cost of entry and flexibility of the cloud paired with the stability and comfort of on-premises hardware make this a very attractive model for many businesses.

OAISYS Mobile Access

Mobile Access

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend has enabled employees to enjoy enhanced mobility, increased job satisfaction and overall improvements in efficiency and productivity. Mobile access to call recording data via smart phones and tablet devices has become increasingly valuable for a mobile workforce.