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Customer Success Story

Stanley Steemer of San DiegoStanley Steemer of San Diego

Industry: Home Cleaning
For more than 60 years, Stanley Steemer has been bringing cleaner, more comfortable homes to America. To service customers nationwide, the company boasts over 300 locations in 48 states. The San Diego Stanley Steemer franchise is dedicated to upholding the values that made their parent company the success it is today. They're focused on delivering their best across all facets of the business-outstanding people, superior equipment and exceptional service.

Business Challenge
When the time came to upgrade their business communications system, they recognized it as a golden opportunity to further enhance their customer service by implementing a voice documentation and call recording solution.

The company purchased and installed Talkument® in 2008.

Features that have proven particularly useful for Stanley Steemer include:

  • Call Visualization: Talkument's easy to use interface shows the call as it progresses, along with call related information, such as associated telephone numbers and call duration.
  • Call Search and Playback: When customer disputes arise, Stanley Steemer staff can quickly locate the call in question using a variety of searchable information and play it back to determine what was actually said by whom.

"Most of our initial contact with customers is by telephone and with any home service provider, particularly the carpet cleaning industry, you'll hear, 'Well, I was quoted this, and when the technician got to my house, they said the price was this,' and that's always a huge concern because whatever you quote, you want your technician to be able to deliver that same information when they arrive," explained Marcia Gwin, marketing director for Stanley Steemer of San Diego.

Additional benefits for the company have included:

  • Call Review: Gwin and other supervisors regularly review and assess calls to ensure accuracy of information and quality of service
  • Improved Collaboration: Previously, field technicians and office-based customer service representatives could end up at odds if the technicians were unaware of what the CSRs had promised. Gwin uses Talkument to make technicians aware of exchanges between customers and CSRs.

"When you have technicians in the field and customer service reps on the phone, there is sometimes banter on 'what are they doing up there, what are they promising?' I can call my technicians into the office and say 'this is what was said on the phone,' and it has brought some goodwill between those two groups. [The technicians] can actually hear what our customer service reps are saying. It's not one of those 'he said/she said' scenarios anymore, they can all listen, and they get along much better," elaborated Gwin.

About Talkument
Talkument, the voice documentation and collaboration software from OAISYS, allows users to store and organize digital recordings of important business telephone conversations. These recorded interactions, or voice documents, can be used to improve business practices and increase the productivity and collaboration of an organization's workforce. Talkument utilizes patent-pending OAISYS Portable Voice Document (PVD™) technology to capture telephone-based interactions as digital call recordings, or voice documents, that are available to store, organize, playback, annotate and share with others as needed. Talkument is compatible with business communication systems from Avaya, Mitel, Toshiba, ShoreTel, and many other standards-based IP and legacy TDM systems.