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Customer Success Story


Industry: Executive Recruitment and Placement
Govig, a recruiting and placement firm headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, has a staff of 55-60 recruiters in its call center and handles between 2,000 and 3,000 calls per day.

Business Challenge
With that volume of calls, and serving a wide range of dedicated vertical markets, Govig needed a way to thoroughly train new hires, maintain standards, settle disputes and enforce policies across its operations.

In 2004 Govig chose Tracer to record and monitor employees’ telephone-based interactions. Since then the company has regularly updated its software as the features included in new releases have expanded the solution’s usefulness..

Among the features IT Coordinator Megan Browne likes best are:

  • The ease of noting successful calls and sharing them with other recruiters and team members
  • The ability to export call files to standard formats for use in training new hires

“We upload the recordings onto iPods for training purposes,” Browne said. “We export them from Tracer onto the iPods, especially for new hires. We’re a sales organization; so we always have lots of new people coming in. It’s really helpful.

Other Tracer benefits for Govig include:

  • Eliminating “he said/she said” disagreements in resolving disputes
  • Live call monitoring and coaching enabling supervisors to help recruiters with calls in real time
  • Evidence gathering in the face of suspected policy violations

“We’ve been using Tracer for so long that it’s become a vital part of our business,” Browne said. “I can’t imagine things any other way.”

About Tracer
Tracer is the industry's leading digital recording solution for contact centers. Tracer utilizes patent-pending OAISYS Portable Voice Document (PVD™) technology to capture telephone-based interactions as digital call recordings, or voice documents, that are available to store, organize, play back, annotate and share with others as needed. This core PVD functionality is paired with Tracer's advanced contact center management features, including employee performance evaluations, the ability to live monitor calls, generate quality and resource utilization reporting and synchronized desktop video recording capabilities. Tracer is compatible with business communication systems from Avaya, Mitel, Toshiba, ShoreTel, and many other standards-based IP and legacy TDM systems.