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Customer Success Story

Preferred Financial Solutions, Inc.Neutron Industries

Industry: Debt Negotiation and Consolidation Services
Preferred Financial Solutions, Inc. is a national financial services company concentrating primarily on unsecured debt negotiations and business debt relief. In business for 11 years, the company operates two locations, a sales office in Chicago and the company headquarters in Indianapolis.

Business Challenge
Changes in the economic climate have raised the specter of increased regulatory oversight. Preferred needed a reliable means of producing documented proof of debtor agreements as well as a way to ensure all sales and support staff were operating within acceptable parameters. They recognized a quality call recording and storage solution was essential to their continued success and safety

Features that have proven particularly useful for Preferred include:

  • Call Recording Search and Retrieval: Preferred is able to locate and retrieve call recordings quickly and easily using Tracer's advanced search functionality, which allows a search to be conducted based on a wide variety of specific file attributes or by simply locating within a dynamic search folder.
  • Tracer Quality Control Module: Enables an evaluator to review a call live or after it has ended and rate it by grading an unlimited number of questions/criteria.
  • Tracer Live Call Monitor: Allows Preferred management to monitor calls live while they are in progress.

“It’s very helpful in trying to find unique, individual calls that happened historically,” Preferred's vice president of operations Kevin Sullivan said. “Because of the number of search parameters that you can use, you can usually find a specific call very easily because there are so many ways you can look for it.”

Additional benefits for the company have included:

  • Regulatory Compliance: Because the industry in which Preferred operates is very heavily regulated, is is imperative the company has proper oversight over their phone-based interactions, and Tracer call recordings have reliably provided that.
  • Reduced Employee Turnover: Tracer has allowed Preferred to more effectively monitor staff performance and also to ensure proper expecations are set from the start of their employment.

Sullivan explained, “Ours is a very regulated industry and we are placed under a microscope. We have to really make sure all our employees, and our sales people especially, don’t cross any lines. There are grey areas between what you can say and what you can’t say, and we use OAISYS to make sure our employees are always on the proper side of that line.

About Tracer
Tracer is the industry's leading digital recording solution for contact centers. Tracer utilizes patent-pending OAISYS Portable Voice Document (PVD™) technology to capture telephone-based interactions as digital call recordings, or voice documents, that are available to store, organize, playback, annotate and share with others as needed. This core PVD functionality is paired with Tracer's advanced contact center management features, including employee performance evaluations, the ability to live monitor calls, generate quality and resource utilization reporting and synchronized desktop video recording capabilities. Tracer is compatible with business communication systems from Avaya, Mitel, Toshiba, ShoreTel, and many other standards-based IP and legacy TDM systems.