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Tax Saver Plan, a privately held company headquartered in Dallas, Texas with 35 employees, offers a wide array of reimbursement account administrative services and also provides full-service third-party COBRA administration. Tax Saver Plan is focused on customization, flexibility, and—most importantly—excellent customer service. At Tax Saver Plan, their goal is to exceed each and every client’s expectations.

The Challenge

Tax Saver Plan needed a way to reinforce their commitment to customer service to their clients and their employees. They pride themselves on delivering superior customer service, and wanted internal controls on service levels while also having a way to demonstrate to their clients that they take customer service very seriously. They compete with much larger companies and they strive to differentiate themselves through exemplary customer service.

The team leaders at Tax Saver Plan were spending a significant amount of time listening to their agents’ live calls throughout the day. Their agents handle anywhere between 50 to 100 calls per day. Managers would choose random calls to monitor to better ensure their agents were providing the quality care their customers expected.

“Often times the calls would be short calls without any substance,” said Aaron Brionez, Tax Saver Plan Customer Service Manager. “It was difficult for the managers to validate their agents’ customer service skills based on these unqualified calls.” Tax Saver Plan needed a way to improve this process with a goal of improving customer service and employee satisfaction.

The Solution

Tax Saver Plan turned to Radcom Technologies, Inc. to upgrade their existing Toshiba phone system to the Toshiba Strata® CIX™ platform. Radcom, located in Dallas, Texas, has been an Authorized Toshiba Dealer since 1993 and an Authorized OAISYS Channel Partner since 2003. Radcom recommended the OAISYS Tracer call recording solution to address Tax Saver Plan’s quality control needs.

Tracer records all of Tax Saver Plan’s agents’ incoming and outgoing phone calls and makes them accessible for instant playback. Tax Saver Plan team leaders use OAISYS advanced search capability to build search folders for each agent. These folders are automatically populated with phone calls to and from the agent. The team leaders then look at the call details and decide which ones to listen to. They filter out any short duration calls and focus on calls that most likely have substance. They review the recorded conversation and grade the agent’s performance. Team leaders can even listen to the call with their employee at their convenience. They fast forward and rewind to key points in the call and play them over again. According to Brionez, “The solution is perfect for us. We can go back to our library of service calls and if a client has a question about a call that took place yesterday, last week, or last month, we have it at our fingertips.”

Tax Saver Plan needed a call recording solution that would be flexible enough to allow them to exclude call recordings for a few extensions. They didn’t want to capture all calls across the board due to the sensitive nature of some interactions. Tracer allows them to record selectively. Via the tight integration with the Toshiba CIX, Tax Saver Plan was able to set up a do not record list based on extension.


Key Benefit #1: Enhanced Customer Service
When the employees at Tax Saver Plan review their calls with their team leaders they are able to recognize their successes and areas in which they can improve. Before OAISYS, employees had to rely on their memory of a phone call. Brionez said, “It was unexpected, but employees like knowing all of their calls are recorded. It has really ramped up their game.”

Key Benefit #2: Improved Employee Satisfaction
Before implementing the OAISYS Tracer solution, team leaders were spending a great deal of time monitoring the wrong calls. They have freed up time they can now spend focusing on other aspects of quality control. Agent satisfaction has improved as well. Agents no longer rely on their recollection of phone calls reviewed. They are able to review the conversation in collaboration with their team leaders.

Key Benefit #3: More Effective Agent Training
Tax Saver Plan recognizes the value of call recordings as a training tool. They no longer tell employees how they should handle phone calls; they show them. Tax Saver Plan team leaders make an effort to listen to calls occuring at different times during the day. They are able to identify those employees that perform better in the mornings versus those that perform better in the afternoons. They can bring this to the employees’ attention to help them improve their overall performance. This ensures their employees are representing Tax Saver Plan’s desired goal of providing exemplary customer service at all times.

The Bottom Line

The benefits the Tracer solution brings to the table have made a huge difference in quality control at Tax Saver Plan. Brionez recognized they have only just begun to see the rewards from the OAISYS system. He looks forward to further leveraging the many other features offered by Tracer, including live call monitoring, custom evaluations and reports.

According to Brionez, “Anytime you’re dealing with customer service it is vital to record phone calls to ensure your employees are providing excellent service. I would absolutely recommend the OAISYS product to anyone. OAISYS has improved our overall business tremendously.”.