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Vermont Rail SystemVermont Rail System

Industry: Rail Transportation
Headquartered in Burlington, VT, Vermont Rail System (VRS) is a regional rail service operator with more than 300 miles of track stretching across Vermont and Upstate New York. The service handles commodities shipping for various customers in its region.

Business Challenge
After bringing dispatch duties back in house from its previously outsourced provider, VRS needed a recording solution that was easy to manage, could handle both telephone and radio calls, was easily searchable, and provided adequate storage.

OAISYS Channel Partner Northeast Information Systems recommended the OAISYS Tracer recording solution to address VRS' communications management needs.

Among the Tracer benefits Selden Houghton, VRS IT/Special Projects Manager, likes best are:

  • The easy sharing of call recordings and improved collaboration to resolve service issues
  • The flexibility of being able to reliably capture phone and radio channel communications

“We have multiple operations managers, plus our general manager, and they all exchange data and talk about issues that come up. Being able to go in and shoot recordings out in an e-mail is very beneficial and efficient,” said Houghton.

Other Tracer benefits for VRS include:

  • A positive impact on the professionalism of the company’s communications with its crews
  • Improved compliance with Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) regulatory requirements

Installation of the solution was quick and seamless, and Houghton is happy with the results. “Northeast set it all up. When I got it onsite it was very easy to get installed in our rack, setup the network interface to it, and set up multiple users to be able to search recordings, e-mail recordings, and perform administrative functions.”

About Tracer
Tracer is the industry's leading digital recording solution for contact centers. Tracer utilizes patent-pending OAISYS Portable Voice Document (PVD™) technology to capture telephone-based interactions as digital call recordings, or voice documents, that are available to store, organize, play back, annotate and share with others as needed. This core PVD functionality is paired with Tracer's advanced contact center management features, including employee performance evaluations, the ability to live monitor calls, generate quality and resource utilization reporting and synchronized desktop video recording capabilities. Tracer is compatible with business communication systems from Avaya, Mitel, Toshiba, ShoreTel, and many other standards-based IP and legacy TDM systems.