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Tomorrow’s Technology Today

ShoreTel Technology Partner Formed in 1995, CVT, OAISYS' key distribution partner in the Asia-Pacific region, operates under the banner of "Tomorrow's Technology Today." Their guiding philosophy is to bring technology-based solutions to the market that will provide real operational advantage to business organizations.

In today's challenging global economic environment, successful organizations are continuously looking for ways to improve operations. It is imperative to improve business processes to stay ahead of the market and meet operational and regulatory goals. CVT solutions are designed to improve business processes in the following areas:

  • Business process flow, automation and reporting
  • Information and document retention and management
  • Telecommunications reporting and management
  • Telecommunications recording, analysis and compliance
  • Customer self-service and contact center solutions
  • Specialist voice and fax processing solutions
  • Workforce evaluation metrics for training and optimization

Underpinning CVT's leading solutions are consultancy, development, integration and support services. CVT works closely with clients to define solutions that will add value to their organization and further enhances that focus with a solutions delivery team and ongoing support center.

CVT's first concern is always to deliver a successful solution to clients, a commitment that is understood and supported by all CVT staff and management.

Additional information about CVT Global can be found on the CVT website.