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Hybrid Cloud Solutions

The Advantages of Hosted and On-Premises Deployment Models Combined

Cloud-based services are rapidly becoming more and more appealing to small- and medium-sized businesses looking to minimize up-front investments, reduce ongoing IT expenses and access the same advanced technology solutions available to larger enterprises.

However, despite the tangible benefits, businesses may be reluctant to fully transition to a cloud computing model. Often this is because they’ve already made considerable investments in premises-based infrastructure, or they may simply prefer to “test the waters,” gradually migrating to the cloud at a pace right for their organizational needs and goals.

By leveraging a hybrid cloud model, businesses need not be forced to choose between hosted and on-premises solution deployments. Rather, they can enjoy the stability and flexibility that comes with a combination of both approaches.

The OAISYS Gateway to the Cloud hybrid offering is the ideal fit for those businesses that have invested capital in premises-based voice services, but wish to move toward cloud services over time. Businesses that recognize the value of advanced call recording functionality, but can't justify dedicated ownership of a premises-based platform, can enjoy the OAISYS Gateway to the Cloud service on a month-by-month, pay-as-you-go basis.

Additionally, OAISYS supports hybrid deployments with hosted voice services. Customers benefit from the many advantages associated with hosted communications, but can still be mindful of functional or compliance constraints that may make hosted recording undesirable. In this scenario, cloud call processing is linked with OAISYS secure on-premises applications for full function recording and secure data retention.