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Outstanding Service Makes the DifferenceOAISYS JumpStart Services Program

OAISYS is an industry leading developer of call recording and contact center management solutions, but we understand that to truly differentiate our company within the market, we must provide more than just innovative technology.

To effectively meet the needs of our valued customers and partners, OAISYS commits to the highest standards of service and support. Our resale partners don’t want to erode profitability by expending valuable resources struggling through system installations, end-user training and minor-issue troubleshooting. Our customers who have invested in an OAISYS solution expect to begin realizing value and enjoying results immediately.

OAISYS meets the challenge on both fronts, delivering a robust post-sales services program that effectively increases end-user value and protects partner profitability. The free of charge OAISYS JumpStart Services program is specifically designed to help partners get systems up and running fast, ensuring that customers immediately begin receiving value from their new OAISYS solution. Most importantly, OAISYS offers the JumpStart Services program cost-free to all of our resellers as part of our standard partner support, going well beyond what many other vendors consider to be “standard.”

We deliver rapid order fulfillment, coordinated project management and comprehensive support tools and training. When customers and partners choose OAISYS, they’re receiving much more than call recording solutions—they’re obtaining the support, expertise and commitment of the entire OAISYS team. The result is a true return on investment, both for customers and partners.

Some important notes regarding the scheduling and implementation of a JumpStart Services appointment: Information

  • For JumpStart Services scheduling and availability, please contact us at Typically, appointments are scheduled 10 to 14 days ahead. 
  • A preparation call to the installation technician is completed one to two days prior to installation. This call facilitates the review of pre-installation worksheets as well as basic installation steps prior to the actual appointment. One to two hours of dedicated installation time at the pre-assigned appointment slot is scheduled with an OAISYS installation technician. 
  • Typically, remote access is made available for the walk through of the installation and the OAISYS Quick Installation Guide is used to document the installation and configuration steps.