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Making the Case for Voice Documentation in the Legal Industry

Talkument, the voice documentation solution from OAISYS, enables legal firms to simply and efficiently document telephone conversations. Talkument captures digital recordings of authorized users’ telephone conversations through its innovative Portable Voice Documentation (PVD) technology. Conversations are captured in their entirety and can be shared with other authorized users to facilitate improved collaboration.

The benefits of the Talkument solution to clients are significant; it allows firms to focus on providing legal services during telephone conversations, versus taking and saving hand-written notes. The result is enhanced efficiency and responsiveness, which translates to improved client relationships.

Confidentiality and security are important concerns for law firms, and Talkument effectively addresses those issues. Shared voice documents are safely stored on a secure, central network repository. When a user shares a voice document, the recipient receives a link to the document, rather than a copy of the file itself. Users can insert text annotations to further explain and clarify information or to respond to a specific question about a call. Shared conversations are managed by permissions that can be set to expire after a user-defined period, and, if desired, recipients can be allowed to further share with others.

Time is money, and for lawyers that time is measured in billable hours. Talkument delivers detailed call-related information through its easy-to-use, intuitive user interface. Call information such as what telephone numbers were involved and call duration ensure that billable time is accurately accounted for.

OAISYS call recording and voice documentation solutions enable law offices and other legal services providers to:

  • Accurately record phone-based communications in their entirety
  • Manage billing disputes with a verifiable record of client communications
  • Document verbal agreements to help eliminate errors and disputes caused by miscommunication
  • Minimize liability risk with a verifiable record of all communications activity
  • Reliably and conveniently track billable phone activities

OAISYS provides innovative, reliable and affordable call recording and interaction management solutions to help legal services providers manage their phone-based communications. Contact an Authorized OAISYS Reseller today to find how our solutions can benefit your organization.

How Are You Documenting Your Calls?

Organizations in nearly every industry conducting all or part of their business by telephone are faced with a complex web of legal, industry and service-level compliance guidelines. But, how are they documenting calls to address those requirements?

OAISYS provides the most comprehensive solution for voice compliance, offering an extensive array of exclusive features and functionality to meet specific business needs and requirements.