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Mitel Call Recording

Mitel Call Recording and Quality Monitoring – Mitel 3300 – Mitel 5000

Mitel Call Recording and Quality Monitoring Solutions Image OAISYS is a Gold Preferred Member of the Mitel Solutions Alliance (MSA), a comprehensive program enabling us to successfully create Mitel call recording and contact center management software solutions that seamlessly integrate with Mitel’s core business communications portfolio.

Our Mitel call recording and quality monitoring solutions integrate via Mitel MiTAI for the Mitel 3300 IP Communications Platform (ICP) and OAI CTI for the Mitel 5000 Communications Platform for call control and provide audio connectivity via the Mitel Secure Recording Connector (SRC) as well as trunk taps, digital station taps and IP monitoring.

Additionally, the OAISYS Talkument call recording and Tracer quality monitoring software solutions have both received Mitel-Approved Test (MAT) Certification on the 3300 ICP via the SRC interface. MAT certification ensures that our Mitel call recording solutions safely and reliably capture Mitel encrypted voice streams, without compromising the security, reliability or resiliency of the Mitel 3300 ICP.

Additional information about the OAISYS Mitel 3300 and Mitel 5000 call recording and quality monitoring software solutions can be found on the Mitel website.