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Mobile Recall

Access Voice Documents Anytime, AnywhereMobile Recall

The OAISYS Mobile Recall application, built on an HTML5 framework, is specifically engineered to support mobile Web access to call recordings, delivering a rich user experience that requires no software download or installation on the access device.

Mobile Recall enables Web-based access to key functionality offered by the OAISYS Talkument and Tracer software solutions. It provides search and playback functions, empowering the user to view desired interaction metadata, such as notes or transaction references, with the extreme simplicity demanded when mobile.

With Mobile Recall, from any browser-enabled device, such as a smartphone or tablet, users can:

  • Run ad-hoc searches for one or more recorded calls;
  • Save routine searches for instant access anytime;
  • Drill down from a list to specific recordings using a multitude of criteria;
  • View informative business data related to the interaction, and
  • Play recordings.

In addition to enabling call recording search and playback functionality for on-the-go users via smartphones and tablet devices, OAISYS has collaboratively developed solutions supporting mobile phone recording, allowing users to capture conversations just as they would on a landline.

Leveraging fixed mobile convergence (FMC), an organization’s PBX can be extended to a mobile phone via intelligent call routing, while the OAISYS platform provides robust, seamless and centralized mobile call recording functionality. Calls can be selectively recorded without the need for user intervention, and are easily accessible via the Talkument, Tracer and Mobile Recall applications.