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Your Environment, Your Device, Your Choice.

Application deployment is in a state of transition. Cloud-based hosted services have madeOAISYS AllWays significant inroads in many areas – a trend that is only projected to increase – but many organizations moving to or considering moving to the cloud are choosing to do so in a phased, gradual fashion.

As cloud-based technologies advance to enable more efficient use of scarce resources, small and mid-sized businesses that do not have the requisite means by which to access and deploy enterprise-class applications are increasingly turning to cloud-driven solutions. Similarly, the proliferation of smart phones and tablets in the workplace as a result of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend is also transforming business IT environments.

OAISYS AllWays signifies a pragmatic and all-inclusive approach to delivering a full spectrum of call recording solution deployment options, including on-premises, pure cloud and hybrid cloud, as well as support for mobile access to applications and data across a range of devices.

Whatever an organization’s cloud transition degree or timeline, OAISYS AllWays ensures access to advanced recording applications anytime, anywhere on any device.

OAISYS On-Premise Solutions OAISYS Mobile Recall OAISYS Compliance Solutions OAISYS Quality Monitoring Solutions OAISYS Gateway to the Cloud
OAISYS on-premises deployment options provide maximum control and support regulatory compliance requirements.
OAISYS Mobile Recall supports mobile Web access to call recordings via smart phone or tablet devices.
OAISYS Talkument and Tracer applications address your regulatory compliance requirements and elevate business process performance.
OAISYS delivers a complete suite of quality monitoring, evaluation and eLearning tools.
The OAISYS Gateway to the Cloud solution combines the benefits of premise-based and cloud-based technologies, providing best of both worlds call recording.