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On-Premises Solutions

Providing Maximum Control and Security

An on-premises solution deployment model can be an excellent fit for many organizations. It can be a more cost-effective option over a three-to-five-year period, can provide greater security and tighter control over sensitive data, can deliver a deeper functionality set and the ability for greater customization and third-party integration.

While cloud-driven solutions and hosted services can be ideal for those businesses lacking the requisite budgetary and technical resources, larger organizations dealing with more stringent legislative mandates and compliance issues may be better served by a traditional on-premises deployment model, or an appropriately configured hybrid model.

OAISYS offers a complete array of premises-based options to support the deployment of our Talkument and Tracer solutions.

OAISYS On-Premises Solution Deployment Options

  • OAISYS Recording Appliance: Single, rack-mountable 1U appliance unit, capable of supporting up to 48 hardware ports, 100 VoIP ports or a combination thereof for up to 100 total recording ports. OAISYS Recording Appliances can provide call recording storage up to approximately 56,000 hours.
  • OAISYS Recording Server: A built-to-order server base system, which is scalable up to 350 ports per stackable unit, suitable for installations requiring advanced fault tolerance and data protection capabilities. OAISYS Recording Servers can accommodate call recording storage from 56,000 up to 200,000 hours, dependent upon server model selected.
  • OAISYS Archiving Appliance: A 1U appliance and SQL database that can be used as a secondary database to archive up to one million OAISYS call records, providing instant and secure access for search and playback. Includes dual core processor, 2TB storage and RAID 5 storage protection.
  • OAISYS Software-Only Solutions:VMware Ready With this option, the OAISYS Talkument and Tracer software is licensed on a per-port, per-application basis and either the Authorized OAISYS Partner or customer is responsible for supplying the necessary hardware platform on which to operate the software, per OAISYS' suggested minimum specifications for hardware requirements. OAISYS solutions are developed to meet VMware standards and are certified VMware Ready to be reliably interoperable within a VMware vSphereâ„¢ environment.