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Solutions for Public Safety

Safeguarding Mission-Critical Public Safety Communications

Public safety operations are tasked with ensuring clear, rapid and accurate communications. This includes 9-1-1 contact centers, law enforcement agencies, emergency dispatch services and fire departments. Significant investment, oversight and review go into the selection of an infrastructure to support these efforts. But, for the public safety sector, it is also especially important to maintain a reliable, easily accessible record of these mission-critical communications.

The OAISYS Tracer call recording and interaction management solution delivers versatile, yet affordable, call recording functionality combined with powerful quality assurance, robust live call and auto call monitoring and detailed reporting to support unique public safety communications requirements.

OAISYS call recording and contact center management solutions enable public safety agencies to:

  • Accurately record phone and radio communications in their entirety
  • Analyze and evaluate interactions to identify performance strengths and weaknesses
  • Ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards
  • Minimize liability risk with a verifiable record of all communications activity
  • Reliably and conveniently archive call recordings
  • Retrieve important call recordings almost instantaneously

OAISYS provides innovative, reliable and affordable call recording and contact center management solutions to help public safety agencies manage their mission-critical communications. Contact an Authorized OAISYS Partner today to find how our solutions can benefit your organization.

How Are You Documenting Your Calls?

Organizations in nearly every industry conducting all or part of their business by telephone are faced with a complex web of legal, industry and service-level compliance guidelines. But, how are they documenting calls to address those requirements?

OAISYS provides the most comprehensive solution for voice compliance, offering an extensive array of exclusive features and functionality to meet specific business needs and requirements.