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Solutions for Public Utilities

Enhancing Customer Service and Operational Performance

Public utilities deal with complex issues over the telephone nearly every minute of every day. Growing call volumes and the need to improve customer service standards have prompted many utilities to leverage call recording technology within their operations. The ability to efficiently monitor, evaluate and measure the performance of agents when dealing with customers has become a key differentiator for many utilities, especially as industry deregulation drives competition.

OAISYS call recording and interaction management solutions work to ensure a positive outcome for these phone-based interactions. Utilities deploying OAISYS call recording and interaction management solutions can improve efficiency across multiple business areas, including:

  • Customer Service and Billing: Account inquiries must be handled professionally, quickly and accurately. OAISYS call recording solutions help supervisors confirm that agents receive and relay the correct information, such as account numbers, payment information and service-related issues.
  • Personnel Development: Tracer’s live call monitoring, coaching, evaluating and reporting functionality, provides utilities with a complete personnel communications development system.
  • Dispatch Monitoring: Tracer’s VOX recording capabilities enables capture of dispatch center telephone and radio communications, providing a clear and complete history of what transpired in each call. Time-critical calls, such as a service outage or emergency repair request, can quickly be played back to confirm vital details.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Utilities are faced with a myriad of regulations, from the federal government down to the state, county and even municipal level. As a result, transactions and responses must be effectively documented via call recording to ensure compliance, pass audits and help resolve allegations of improper actions.
  • Materials Ordering: From office supplies to tankers of fuel, utilities order significant quantities of materials in order to sustain their operations. In the event of a dispute, a call detailing a specific order can quickly be retrieved and highlighted to clarify or prove what was actually ordered.
  • Agent Staffing Levels: Tracer’s reporting functionality enables identification of when and from where the greatest volume of calls is occurring. Having a more complete understanding of call volume trends allows management to allocate agent resources more efficiently.

OAISYS provides innovative, reliable and affordable call recording and interaction management solutions that help public utilities more effectively manage their phone-based communications. Contact an Authorized OAISYS Partner today to find how our solutions can benefit your business.

How Are You Documenting Your Calls?

Organizations in nearly every industry conducting all or part of their business by telephone are faced with a complex web of legal, industry and service-level compliance guidelines. But, how are they documenting calls to address those requirements?

OAISYS provides the most comprehensive solution for voice compliance, offering an extensive array of exclusive features and functionality to meet specific business needs and requirements.