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For formal and informal call centers, few things are more important than agent performance and quality assurance. Call center management requires comprehensive call recording and quality monitoring tools to assist agents in meeting desired business goals and call center metrics and adhering to call handling policies in every interaction.

While call recording and quality monitoring is commonly performed with the intent of evaluating call handling performance and improving quality of customer service, there are many other benefits to be realized from the appropriate use of call center management and quality monitoring technology, such as:

  • Review and ongoing refinement of call center scripts and call handling processes
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Increased agent efficiency
  • More effective staff training and development programs
  • Detection of frequently occurring customer complaints
  • And many, many more

The OAISYS Tracer call recording and quality monitoring software solution offers a complete suite of quality assurance, evaluation and eLearning tools.

OAISYS Quality Assurance and Call Center Management Features

Among Tracer's powerful call center and agent performance enhancing tools are:

  • Easy Search Capabilities: Tracer's effortless organization and search capabilities allow a targeted call recording to be retrieved within seconds.
  • Customizable Agent Evaluations and Reporting Tracer's customizable call center agent evaluations and quality reporting allow call centers to proactively monitor, manage and optimize agent and workforce performance.
  • Automatic Live Call Monitoring: Tracer's Automatic Live Call Monitoring feature allows call centers to easily and efficiently monitor agent interactions with customers in real-time. Supervisors can listen to a call meeting pre-defined conditions instantly, or they can receive an immediate visual and/or audible notification of a situation requiring their attention.
  • Desktop Video Recording: Tracer's optional synchronized desktop screen recording capabilities facilitate a more complete picture of agent activity. Desktop recordings can be monitored live, while a call is still in process, or after the fact in association with the historical call audio recording.
  • Live Annotations and Coaching: Tracer's live annotations and coaching capabilities enable call center supervisors to add text annotations directly to calls during live monitoring, permitting their observations to be captured in real-time. Combined with integrated instant messaging, supervisors can coach agents directly and unobtrusively.
  • Owner's Report: The Owner's Report feature clearly reveals who is accessing Tracer call recordings, how often and for what purpose. This enables organizations to hold call center management accountable to their quality assurance and agent evaluation responsibilities.