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Welcome to OAISYS Technical SupportOAISYS Technical Support

OAISYS Technical Support provides OAISYS Authorized Partners with the tools and information needed to install, configure and support our call recording and contact center management solutions. OAISYS Authorized Partners provide installation, configuration and first-level support to end users, and serve as the primary contact for adds, moves and changes. OAISYS Authorized Partners can access OAISYS Technical Support for issues that require assistance beyond the resources provided on our site.

End users are welcome to use the resources available on this site. We recommend that you always contact your OAISYS Authorized Partner before making changes to your OAISYS system. Changes should be performed by qualified technicians to ensure proper operation.

Our Technical Support Center is located in Mesa, Arizona. Arizona is in the Mountain Standard Time (MST) zone and does not observe Daylight Savings Time. Standard technical support services are available during normal business hours 5:30 a.m.– 5 p.m. MST. After-hours on-call and dedicated support is available free of charge for customers with Platinum Support plans and for OAISYS Elite Gold Partners.

All other after-hours support projects are subject to a fee and dependent on the schedule and availability of OAISYS Professional Services personnel. Please contact Technical Support at for scheduling or additional information.


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OAISYS Installation Support

OAISYS Installation Support

Our JumpStart Services program, offered free of charge with every system sale, enables OAISYS Authorized Partners to get systems up and running quickly and reliably. For solution installations requiring a more direct and proactive level of support, we offer our premium OAISYS Professional Services.

OAISYS Software Downloads

OAISYS Software Downloads

Our Software Downloads page provides the ability to download select OAISYS and third-party software applications and files, including those referenced within OAISYS Product Documentation.

OAISYS Product Documentation

OAISYS Product Documentation

Our Product Documentation page provides a full range of technical documentation for the current version of our solutions as well as for earlier versions. This documentation includes installation, administrator and user guides, as well as technical specifications, third-party integration information, an API Developer's Guide and much more.