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Getting the Most from OAISYS SolutionsOAISYS User Help

OAISYS makes available a wide variety of free resources to help users unlock the full potential of the OAISYS call recording and interaction management solutions. Whether you're looking for comprehensive information to help with an installation or just a refresher on a detailed application setting, OAISYS provides the knowledge and tools you need to easily get the job done.

Instructor-Led Web-Based Training

Instructor-Led Web-Based Training provides product guidance for end users, administrators and/or channel partners. Pre-scheduled web events help attendees quickly get up to speed on how to use and administer OAISYS call recording and contact center management solutions.

Online Classrooms

Our Talkument and Tracer Online Classrooms provide extensive guidance on the installation, administration and use of our call recording products via tutorial videos.

Comprehensive sessions last between 45 to 60 minutes, and each contribute to the installation and configuration of a fictional organization. These videos are great for users looking for more extensive product instruction, and if viewed in succession can earn channel partners full certification on the OAISYS product line.

Tutorial videos are movies that cover specific functionality within an application. These videos are less than five minutes long, and they provide a convenient way to target specific topics, enabling viewers to quickly obtain the desired information (requires a PC with a sound card).